Many thanks to our Aspen community, generous clients, businesses, friends and family that supported our annual Silent Auction fundraiser December 14th.

Collectively, we were able to raise $15,000 for the Aspen Animal Hospital, American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) fund. Funds raised will be used to pay for 10 local residents to have a wellness plan for their dog or cat that may need preventive care (vaccines, dental exams/cleanings, wellness exams, office visits). We will retain 25% of the fund to use for emergency care for local pets whose owners may need assistance with their care.

We plan to continue our fundraising efforts throughout the year and will plan on having a Silent Auction fundraiser again! If at any time you would like to donate to our fund, simply click here to donate. Checks made payable to AVMF can be mailed to Aspen Animal Hospital, and we will make sure our fund receives your donation! All donations are tax-deductible.

What’s next? If you or someone you know has a pet that could benefit from one of our Care Companion Plans for preventive care, please contact our office for more information. We have 10 plans available right now. Qualifications – Single Annual Income of $35,000 or less, Family Income of $50,000 or less. We will need copies of 3 recent paystubs. First come, first served! As additional funds are received, we will have more wellness opportunities available.

We are truly grateful for all of the generous donations of silent auction items as well as those of you who came and purchased some AMAZING deals on those items.

Happy New Year!
Your team at Aspen Animal Hospital
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