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My name is Jessica Peters, I am a born local of the Roaring Fork valley and met Aidan Winn on an outing with my adopted chihuahua puppy u201cBiggie Smallsu201d we spoke briefly of some medical challenges I was having with Biggie (he’s blind and underweight, scared of everything) he referred me to the program at Aspen animal hospital. To my surprise I was selected for the program and was able to meet with Dr. Anne Cooley.

I have nothing but amazing things to say about the entire staff, and especially Dr. cooley. Her first meeting with Biggie she spent over an hour analyzing and asking questions, consulting with other colleagues and resourcing medical books. Unfortunately Biggie’s case is not cut and dry, and seems to be a bit of a medical mystery. We are trying some different medications, and I have seen improvements in his day to day. The second visit I had recently we did an ultrasound on his skull and he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Not a great diagnosis to receive but at least we can move forward with a new treatment. Biggie is almost 10 months old and I am not willing to give up hope, I am so grateful for this program you are able to offer, as I had been to 3 other veterinary clinics in the valley and could not afford to seek out any further treatment that he may need.

Again I am so grateful to have this opportunity to work with your program (AVMF) and I thank you for selecting Biggie Smalls, I pray every day for a good outcome for my sweet little 3 lb bundle of love.

Thank you,

Jessica Peters

Recently we had to say goodbye to one of our fur babies of 12 years. Over those years she was a frequent flyer at Aspen Animal Hospital and I can’t say enough wonderful things about all the doctors, vet techs and front office staff. Everyone was always so helpful, caring, empathetic and supportive. A special thank you to Dr. Anne and Dr. Bisque for everything you had done for Diamond and our family during all her ailments and Dr. Jen for helping us through a very difficult decision and making her transition to the rainbow bridge so peaceful. Bless you all! The Lapin Family
Nikki L.

I’m a seasoned canine professional, so I set my standards for vet practices and other pet businesses quite high. Over the weekend we had an unexpected incident requiring urgent vet care while camping in Aspen. This practice was ready for my dog within 10 minutes of my call. I was impressed with the professional attitude of Dr. Cooley. She was informative, friendly and very straight forward, and she did a beautiful job closing up my dog’s laceration. I own a powerful, confident working German Shepherd Dog who’s no stranger to intimidating behavior. I was relieved to have the staff heed my warning and invite me back to the station where I could help secure and assist with my dog through sedation and his awkward, painful wakeup. My entire experience was of complete professionalism, from clear communication and calm demeanor between staff members, a friendly chat with the Dr during the procedure which really helped calm my nerves in this messy, unexpected and expensive situation, and all within an immaculate environment, front and back. This veterinary practice is top notch, something that in my experience is becoming harder to find these days…

Thank you for taking care of Bruin, my beloved IPO goof!

-Klaudia Pierowski Coffey, NCMG, CPDT.
Evergreen, CO.

Klaudia C.

All the girls at Aspen Animal Hospital do such a great and amazing job!

They have such a great attitude considering some of the really sad cases that they have to deal with. It takes a special person to do what you guys do!!

Grant S.

The staff here is truly caring and dedicated to the health of their patients!
David H.

Our dog had an unexpected run in with a porcupine this week while we were hiking! We live out of town and found this pet hospital online as it was close to our hike. What a great experience we had! They got our dog in within 15 minutes of our call, and did a wonderful job taking care of her quickly and professionally! we are so grateful for the quick care our dog received here-thank you!
Anjoli D.

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